The place

This enchanting place, dating from the Napoleonic period, is considered one of the most beautiful monuments in Paris and one of the most beautiful circuses in the world. Created in 1852 under the leadership of the Duke of Morny, it will be inaugurated by his half-brother Prince Louis-Napoleon.
Hollywood cameras took over the place in 1955 for an anthology film: Trapèze. Carol Reed wrote a hymn to this circus art and immortalized Gina Lollobrigida, Tony Curtis and Burt Lancaster in this masterpiece of the genre.
The setting is sumptuous and unique. Imagine a historic site that has stood the test of time while retaining its sublime decor.

4 prestigious spaces meet the requirements for each of your projects:
The Bar de l'Impératrice, majestic with its retro chandeliers, its recently restored frescoes, its zinc bar welcomes between 150 guests for seated meals, up to 360 for cocktails and 120 for meetings.
The Napoleon III Stables, of almost identical capacity, reveal a romantic setting to perfection. And have a capacity of 300 people for cocktails.
The Menagerie Theatre has a 3 x 9m stage and can accommodate up to 840 people for cocktails and up to 450 people for memorable festive meals!
And of course under the mythical marquee, the space with its 140 m2 stage can accommodate up to 1,600 people.

Unique and high quality services for an extraordinary, magical and starry universe!

The capacities


1600 people


1500 people


840 people

dance evenings

1500 people

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