The place

Built at the end of the 19th century by a pupil of Gustave Eiffel, this millstone building houses a reconstitution of a funfair of yesteryear with its rides and attractions.
This Art Museum, unique in the world, showcasing the fairground arts, is composed of several areas and revives the festivities of the past, mixing festive tradition and a living memory of the heritage of entertainment and show business.
The place is dotted with incredible attractions. The possibility of using the century-old rides will make your guests experience an unforgettable moment. Several other attractions will put their skill and dexterity to the test. As they pass through the gates they will change times. They will be in 1900, the golden age of the funfair!

The structure of the carnival is modular and allows the simultaneous installation of a festive cocktail party for 880 people on one side, an evening in the style of the Venice carnival for 600 people on the other, or an exceptional dinner in a cabinet of curiosities, a mixture of wonder and illusion. It can also be entirely dedicated to a cocktail reception. Ideal for corporate events but also for private parties, it hosts all types of meetings: conventions, company parties, award ceremonies...

It is in a lively atmosphere, encouraging motionless travel and daydreaming, between wooden horses, swings and games of massacre that the Art Museum will give a whole new dimension to your event in the heart of Paris.

The capacities


1000 people


70 people


350 people

dance evenings

500 people

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