The place

Built in 1921, this industrial-looking building, a former railway refrigerated warehouse in Paris, was used to store foodstuffs before they reached the markets in Les Halles. Unique of its kind, the building located in the 13th arrondissement is now home to many artists who work in the 87 studios of this atypical place. This extraordinary place is today a Mecca for artistic creation and production.

Among these artists, the photographer and decorator Paolo Calia, former assistant to Fellini, created the Jadis, an incredible 300m2 loft, for a journey out of time. The baroque and ultra-sophisticated decor, not to say rococo, mixes with virtuosity the oriental and the venetian.
Painted walls, cherubs, candlelight, welcome to this impressive dreamlike setting.

Ideal for special event evenings, end of year parties or themed dinners, Le Jadis is both chic and striking to mark the spirits of guests and make your event a magical moment. Note that it has incredibly thick walls, allowing you to give yourself over entirely to the festive atmosphere without disturbing the neighbours...

The capacities


200 people




100 people

dance evenings

200 people

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